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About Us (actually it's just 'Me'!)
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Business Philosophy

I like all customers to be entirely happy with their purchases, whether made by mail, email, phone, catalogue or in person. All customers are of equal importance. It matters not whether the item costs £10 or £1000.

"Just to say. what a fantastic service, the book arrived today!"  Thank you ever so much. (Posted Monday delivered Tuesday ... to the Channel Islands. Royal Mail do the difficult bit!)
Without, I hope, being accused of self congratulation I am pleased and gratified to receive many such comments.

For those interested in more than 'food for the mind'

I am a life member of The Vegetarian Society and of 'Viva'
Both of these sites are full of information on VEGETARIAN and VEGAN diet and lifestyle; well worth a look!

And go to: for a series of filmed talks on diet and nutrition.

AND If you dare go to: but not too soon after eating, even if your diet is sprinkled with animal body parts!

Just Published

"This pioneering report explains why a vegan diet is so beneficial to our health and how it improves or prevents many health conditions ... The report also explains what a good vegan diet means ... based on the latest scientific research and including an extensive list of sources".            Price £7-00 + UK postage. Order direct from:

to go direct to VIVA! click on this link

The business

Commencing with my first short xeroxed list in 1969/1970 I am now up to catalogue 100 with, I hope, many more to come. All 100 have been on Australia and the Pacific, including separate catalogues on Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Australian Local Histories, the Australian Aborigines, and one or two on Australian and Pacific Pamphlets, Post cards and Newspapers. The business was officially established in Australia in 1970 (in Canberra, the Federal Capital. If you can spare a few minutes go to: I had previously lived in Canberra in the 1960s when working for the Canberra Public Library Service, part of the National Library of Australia Also a couple of years in Tasmania running the Mobile Library service in the North West based in Burnie (see: and: Later back to the UK and in Cambridge since 1977. But it will be obvious why I specialise in Australia and the Pacific!


'Bottlebrush' (Callistemon masatti)

Contact me:

Peter Moore Bookseller,  Unit 10A The Old Maltings,  135 Ditton Walk,  Cambridge,  CB5 8PY, UK